Fighting For Cruise Ship Passengers And Crew

Cruise ships, whale-watching tours, harbor excursions, charters and other recreational boating trips are popular ways to explore places we normally could not. Unfortunately, negligence on the part of boat owners can result in accidents causing serious injury and death for passengers as well as crew. At Banning LLP, our lawyers represent injured clients as well as family members of wrongful death victims.

Representing Passengers Injured Aboard Ships

If you have been injured as a passenger on a cruise ship or other vessel, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible. The cruise line will do everything it can to minimize or eliminate your chances of making a full financial recovery.

For example, cruise ship injuries are typically covered by general and statutory maritime law, which has a three-year statute of limitations for filing claims. However, the ticket stub for your cruise may contain information about specific notification of claim requirements and shorter statutes of limitations. The ticket may also have foreign arbitration and forum selection clauses that would force you to resolve your claim in a setting most favorable to the ship's owner.

Our attorneys have been successful in defending the rights of injured passengers against foreign arbitration and forum selection clauses buried in their ticket's small print.

Representing Cruise Ship Employees Who Suffered Injuries

Most employees of cruise ships with a base of operations in the United States or its territories are considered seamen under U.S. law. As an employee of a vessel who is injured in an accident, you are not covered by traditional workers' compensation laws. Your sole right to recovery is under the Jones Act and other maritime laws. To protect your rights, you should contact an experienced maritime and admiralty lawyer as soon as possible.

Our lawyers have a depth of experience in maritime and admiralty law and a track record of successful results in accident cases. Our international practice represents people of all nationalities and of flagged vessels worldwide that have a base of operations in the United States.

Contingency fee representation: We represent cruise ship passengers and crews on a contingency fee basis, advancing all costs needed to prove your case. If we are unable to obtain compensation for you, you will owe no fees or costs.

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