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Suffered A Maritime Accident In American Samoa?

Banning LLP is here to help.

Accidents often occur on tuna boats and other vessels in American Samoa. Our firm has significant experience arresting tuna boats in American Samoa and has conducted these vessel arrests in the high court of American Samoa on numerous occasions.

At Banning LLP, our maritime law attorneys have represented seamen and fishermen from the United States and all over the world. We have handled major personal injury and death claims arising out of accidents on tuna vessels sailing out of American Samoa and the Pacific. We have an office in American Samoa and often conduct business on the island.

Jones Act negligence claims for injured seamen are governed by federal maritime law. This means the law governing a case in California, Washington or American Samoa is similar to the laws governing Jones Act negligence claims in other states and territories. Even if you were injured on a non-U.S. flag vessel, you may have a claim under the Jones Act for your injuries.

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