What are common causes of maritime injuries?
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What are common causes of maritime injuries?

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2022 | Uncategorized

California’s shoreline is a critical gateway for commercial boating to dock and depart. Busy waterways tend to play host to various accidents involving those on the water for business and pleasure.

Most boating accidents are preventable. Education is key to remaining safe while performing maritime jobs. Pay attention to some of the top reasons boaters become injured to raise awareness and improve safety.

How do boating accidents happen?

With so many vessels out on the water, the reasons for maritime accidents vary. However, some incidents occur more often, as do corresponding injuries.

Slip and fall

The deck of a ship may become slick from water mixed with chemical residue. When seas get rocky, the chances of sliding and falling increase. Fractures, head injuries and severe strains may result from a slip and fall. However, one of the worst consequences of a slip is falling overboard. When a worker tumbles out of a ship, it may prove catastrophic. Safety gear and harnesses may save a worker from falling overboard, especially in poor weather.


A collision between vessels may result in multiple hazards to those on board. Depending on the size and circumstances, fires may break out in the engine room. Along with burns, workers may become exposed to toxic fumes. Crashes may also cause the boat to take on water or workers to fall over the sides.

Repetitive motion

Performing work on commercial boats often involves repetitive motions and stress to soft tissue. These types of movements may wear down body tissue and result in inflammation. Pain and an eventual loss of motion in one or more areas occur over time. Some of the most common repetitive use injuries involve the hands, shoulders and knees.

Commercial ships provide a vital service. Remaining observant and hyper-vigilant are crucial for staying safe.