How can road rage lead to an increase in serious injuries?
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How can road rage lead to an increase in serious injuries?

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2022 | Personal Injury

Encountering someone on the road who drives aggressively may intimidate you. After all, this person can become erratic and try to harm you at any moment.

When dealing with someone with road rage, you may wonder how they influence the possibility of a car crash happening. There are multiple ways that road rage can influence a car swerving around on the road or going over the speed limit.

Lack of awareness

According to NBC News, the surge of anger a driver with road rage feels can make them focus only on the vehicle in front of them and ignore everything else. This kind of dangerous approach to driving leaves people around them at risk for anything from a rear-end collision to a sudden sideswipe.

When someone is not prepared to stop or slow down, any small error can greatly impact their reaction time. This intense focus on a particular vehicle can make angry drivers look away from oncoming traffic around them.

Disregard road rules

Breaking the speed limit and refusing to stop at lights or stop signs can lead to serious accidents on the road. When a driver with road rage tries to follow another vehicle, they often disregard any important rules that can prevent crashes from occurring.

This can impact you when you are attempting to switch lanes or share the road with a person with this issue. When someone is unpredictable, everyone around them struggles to understand and anticipate any potential danger. If a car crashes into your vehicle and the driver had road rage, you may want to seek legal help.