How can attractive nuisances be a danger for children?
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How can attractive nuisances be a danger for children?

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2022 | Personal Injury

When looking at your property, you may start to notice several areas and pieces of equipment you own that could be accidentally used as a place to play for young children.

Although you may not want them to climb on these dangerous machines or structures, they could still feel interested in doing so. These places and items on your land, otherwise known as attractive nuisances, can lead to several dangerous situations for children.


According to Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute, the taller a structure, the more dangerous it could be for young children who want to climb up on it. Falling from construction equipment or even tripping and falling into an uncovered swimming pool can lead to traumatic brain injuries.

Some children may assume these structures are fun to play on, which can lead to them attempting to slide down unsafe areas. Piles of stones or gravel could even lead to children climbing up on them and harming themselves.

Sharp blades and parts

Children getting serious and deep cuts on their arms or legs can happen when they try to play with items sitting out that you use for construction. They may pick up power tools or attempt to climb on an old unfinished car, thinking that the rotating blades or other parts are fun to play with.

Infections can happen when rust or dirt gets in these cuts as well. Although these places and items can capture the attention of multiple children, it does not mean that the children fully understand the dangers of these attractive nuisances.