How can you limit distractions when you drive?
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How can you limit distractions when you drive?

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2022 | motor vehicle accidents

Most of the time you spend driving has pressing time constraints. For example, your commute to work, taking your children to extracurricular activities or making a delivery for your job.

Multitasking while you drive might seem reasonable and even unavoidable at times. However, distractions interfere with your attentiveness and can have life-altering consequences. Limiting things that could distract you can minimize the risks of an avoidable accident.


Prioritize your time so that once you begin driving, you can focus solely on that task. For example, prior to leaving for work, make sure you have had a good meal and have completed any grooming tasks. Adjust your seat to a comfortable position. Silence your phone. Select your music and program your GPS if needed. Give yourself ample time to complete any tasks before you drive so you do not feel tempted to multitask.


Loose gear, unbuckled children and roaming pets can all distract you. Secure any cargo in your vehicle. Keep groceries, luggage or other loose items in the trunk of your vehicle where possible. If you have to store something in the cabin, favor floor space over putting things on the seats. According to AAA, you can reduce driving distractions when you adequately restrain both children and pets.


Not understanding how dangerous distracted driving is may make it appear unimportant in your mind. The truth is that car accidents stemming from distraction claim the lives of hundreds of people every day in the United States. Looking away from the road, even for a second, may prevent you from noticing slowing traffic, a pedestrian or debris in the road.

Your diligence to stay alert, prepare and learn more about distraction may improve your safety. Preventing all manual, cognitive and visual impairments could save your life.