Can a serious brain injury negatively affect your marriage?
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Can a serious brain injury negatively affect your marriage?

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2023 | Personal Injury

Your brain is the most important part of you, as it controls everything you feel, think and do. While it can be easy to take good brain health for granted, a brain injury might forever change your life. In addition to limiting your everyday activities, a traumatic brain injury can put a strain on your marriage.

According to Brainline, about 25% of individuals with TBIs experience a breakdown of their marriages. Sadly, the more serious a person’s brain injury is, the greater chance he or she has of experiencing post-injury marital difficulties. Why do brain injuries tend to impair marriages, though?

A different way of life

If you suffer a brain injury, you might need to make major changes to your home environment. These changes can make living with TBI easier and decrease your chances of suffering additional injuries. Still, your spouse may have trouble adjusting to a different way of life at home.

Personality changes

It is not uncommon for individuals with TBI to experience drastic personality changes. In addition to battling depression, you may experience extreme mood swings. Even if these are not permanent, your husband or wife simply may not be able to cope with your new personality.

Financial difficulties

Even if you have decent health insurance, recovering from TBI can be an expensive endeavor. If your brain injury leads to financial difficulties, money matters might put a strain on your marriage. Indeed, even without TBI, divorcing couples often blame their marital woes on economic factors.

Ultimately, while you may have little control over other things that may endanger your relationship, pursuing financial compensation for your brain injury might prevent a money-related marriage breakdown.