4 common accidents for commercial fisherman
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4 common accidents for commercial fisherman

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2020 | Personal Injury

If your job is on a commercial fishing boat, you do not mind working hard. After all, by providing a source of food, you play an important role in the economy. You also use your paycheck to support yourself and your family members. Still, if you sustain a serious injury on a commercial boat, your fishing days may be over.

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals how dangerous commercial fishing can be. In fact, in a recent 15-year period, more than 700 commercial fishermen died when performing their job duties. Here are some common accidents for commercial fisherman:

  1. Vessel-related accidents

All workplaces have some inherent dangers. Because they float on water, fishing boats are particularly vulnerable. For example, the vessel may inadvertently ground in shallow waters. Alternatively, it may collide with other boats or capsize in high seas. An engine fire, however, may be a potentially deadly event for you and your crewmates.

  1. Falls

Even in ideal weather, the decks on commercial fishing boats can be slippery. Rain and rough water, though, can make the surface of any fishing vessel downright treacherous. If you work on a fishing boat, you may sustain a serious injury in a fall. You also risk drowning if you end up overboard.

  1. Equipment encounters

To do their jobs effectively, commercial fishermen rely on a variety of tools and equipment. Even with proper usage, some pieces of equipment are almost inherently dangerous. As such, you may suffer a life-altering injury when working with or near equipment, especially if you have not received adequate training.

  1. Chemical exposure

From cleaning agents to fuel, commercial vessels often have many types of chemicals aboard. While some chemicals are harmless to humans, others can be toxic. If you do not have adequate protection when working with these chemicals, you may burn your skin, eyes or lungs.

Working on a commercial fishing vessel is noble. It also has the potential to be quite lucrative. Still, you do not want to injure yourself when completing your job duties. By understanding the common types of commercial fisherman accidents, you can better plan for staying safe at work.