Learn how to handle the insurance company
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Learn how to handle the insurance company

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2020 | Uncategorized

In California, the hassle of dealing with an insurance company after an accident adds a new level of strain for someone who is already shaken and possibly injured. They will need to negotiate with the insurance company that is trying to lowball their claim and keep the money to which the victim is entitled. However, realizing that a settlement offer can be countered is the first part of winning the battle.

The insurance adjuster is the frontline worker when it comes to the insurance company’s efforts to save money. Adjusters know the value of vehicles and are responsible for making an opening offer. The mistake that many people make is that they confuse the offer of settlement with the final word. Instead, people are free to make their own counter.

In fact, people should always make a counteroffer because they need to assume that the insurance company is not trying to pay out the full value of the claim. They should draft a demand letter in which they detail their claim and reasoning. They must also include full documentation of the claim so that the insurance company will realize that they mean business. When including a requested amount, one should always make sure to add some extra money to give them room to negotiate with the insurance company.

One way to negotiate with an insurance company after a motor vehicle accident is to hire an attorney to handle the communications. The attorney may investigate the value of the claim to know when to reject the insurance company’s offer. The lawyer might also know the tricks that these businesses use to protect their bottom line and give advice on when it is best to file a lawsuit instead of accepting the settlement.