Some safety technologies may create false sense of security
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Some safety technologies may create false sense of security

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2020 | Personal Injury

Many people in New York are excited about automated technologies in cars because they show promise for a future without severe car accidents and the resulting injuries and fatalities. However, fully autonomous vehicles are not yet a reality, so the dangers posed by human error continue to pose problems on the road. Many semi-autonomous features have been introduced into newer cars, including automatic emergency braking, lane-change detection and collision avoidance. Some safety experts and researchers warn that these features are not enough to prevent accidents on their own, urging drivers to continue to pay close attention to the road ahead.

According to a study released by the American Automobile Association, many safety technologies are ineffective at fully preventing car accidents, especially if drivers are disengaged or distracted. For example, emergency braking detection may not function as well at night, when it is more difficult for sensors to detect objects or people in front of the car. In particular, pedestrians are often not well-detected by these systems, so it is important for drivers to remain alert in order to avoid serious pedestrian accidents. Researchers noted that the presence of safety technologies may lull some drivers into a false sense of security.

Drivers may feel that they do not need to pay close attention to the road ahead because they can rely on adaptive cruise control and other technologies. Despite widespread public awareness campaigns highlighting the dangers of distracted driving, people continue texting and driving or surfing the internet behind the wheel, causing thousands of car accidents every year; safety technologies do not eliminate this risk.

Distracted drivers cause serious motor vehicle accidents that lead to catastrophic injuries and permanent disabilities, even if they believed they could rely on semi-autonomous technologies. A personal injury lawyer may help accident victims seek compensation for their damages.