Why rural roads are more dangerous than they seem
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Why rural roads are more dangerous than they seem

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2020 | Personal Injury

While many California roads are highways and city streets, the state also has its share of rural roads. Contrary to the perception of many drivers, these roadways require extra caution as opposed to less. The remote location of these roads adds extra challenges that make rural roads a greater danger for drivers.

Many drivers are unfamiliar with the rural roads on which they are traveling. They may be passing through on the way to somewhere else and do not know the changes in terrains and the curves in the road. Alternatively, they might think that the fact that there are fewer people around, including police, means that they can take chances such as speeding excessively or going without a seat belt. In general, rural roads have two lanes and are narrow, which makes passing difficult even though many drivers try to do it anyway.

The remote location also means that drivers who are in an accident will need to wait longer to receive medical care at the scene as there may be a delay in paramedics arriving. Even then, the trip to the hospital can take longer due to the isolation. Prompt medical care at the scene often makes the difference in whether someone can recover from the injuries that they have suffered. Often, it is a matter of life and death.

Those who have been injured in an accident on a rural road, or any other highway or street, may be entitled to financial compensation for their injuries if it can be established that someone else was negligent. Victims might want to contact a motor vehicle accidents attorney to learn more about the process that they should follow in order to file a claim. Then, their attorney may be able to negotiate a settlement agreement or file a lawsuit on their behalf in court.