Fatal car accident in California blamed on wrong-way driver
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Fatal car accident in California blamed on wrong-way driver

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2020 | Uncategorized

Media outlets in California have reported that one person was killed and two others suffered serious injuries during the early afternoon hours of July 21 when a driver in San Diego crossed the center line and struck an oncoming vehicle head-on. The accident took place near the intersection of Marlesta Drive and Genessee Avenue in the city’s Clairemont neighborhood at approximately 2:10 a.m. While police are still investigating the crash, initial reports suggest that alcohol consumption or drug use do not appear to have played a role.

Dodge pickup truck causes chain-reaction crash

According to an initial accident report, the chain of events began when a southbound Dodge pickup truck with a 20-year-old man behind the wheel crossed the center line of Genessee Avenue and struck a northbound Kia sedan head-on. The force of the impact pushed the Kia into another Kia sedan. Paramedics pronounced the driver of the first Kia sedan dead at the scene.

Paramedics treat serious injuries

The drivers of the Dodge pickup truck and second Kia sedan were taken by ambulance to nearby medical facilities. The Dodge driver suffered broken facial bones, a broken leg, several body abrasions and a lung contusion. The Kia driver suffered even more serious injuries including a broken spine. Initial reports do not reveal what may have prompted the Dodge driver to stray into the path of oncoming traffic.

Holding distracted drivers responsible

Accidents like this one are often caused by drivers who allowed themselves to become distracted. When pursing civil remedies on behalf or road users who may have been injured by a distracted driver, experienced personal injury attorneys could seek to gather the electronic records many cars now store under their hoods. This data could reveal if drivers applied their brakes or took any other kind of evasive action. Attorneys may also obtain the cellphone records of drivers who have been involved in car accidents.