What Maritime Jobs Are The Most Dangerous?
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What Maritime Jobs Are The Most Dangerous?

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2020 | Firm News

Maritime jobs are highly represented amongst the most dangerous jobs in the US. The ever-changing conditions of working on the water, coupled with the boat and shipping vessels’ physical hazards, create a risky mix for workers. This important work is vital to the economy and is one of the primary access points for products entering and leaving the US.

A formidable risk profile

These jobs’ physical risks range from falling objects, falls, crushing injuries, broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, fire, chemical burns, drowning, gas exposure and asphyxiation. At the forefront of those injuries, here are some of the most dangerous maritime jobs in the US:

  • Longshoremen: Consistently listed amongst the most hazardous jobs, longshoremen have to endure harsh working conditions, heavy machinery and shipments regularly. Moving freight on and off ships in conjunction with all the moving parts of a freight yard can be a formidable threat to workers. Some longshoreman additionally engage in construction and repair work.
  • Offshore oil workers: Offshore oil rigs involve work on isolated platforms with flammable gases, dangerous chemicals and moving machinery. When injuries inevitably occur, access to high-quality medical care may be delayed, leading to exacerbated injuries.
  • Fishermen: The fishing industry is rife with accidents and long grueling hours.

Understanding exposure risks

The prevalent use of toxic, flammable and carcinogenic materials on shipping vessels and shipyards present ongoing risks. Sometimes exposure to these materials may not manifest themselves for years afterward. Those injured on an ocean vessel, dock, oil rig or river vessel may not realize how complicated the process of pursuing compensation can be. The recovery time for life-altering damage can put a person in dire financial straits. Those injured due to negligence need to explore all their options for compensation.