Commercial fishing injuries
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Commercial fishing injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2021 | Personal Injury

The fishing industry is dangerous. Obviously, you cannot prevent everything that could go wrong due to the weather, the people involved or the vessel itself.

On the other hand, some risks are relatively easy to control. Just because you have a dangerous job does not mean that you deserve to shoulder the burden of injuries alone — especially not when it is another person’s fault.

The danger of the industry

People across the country know how dangerous your job as a fisherman. However, it is the coastal communities that really understand the real risks of the industry.

For one thing, it is a competitive business. If you get an injury, you are often far away from intensive medical care. Finally, inadequate safety precautions on fishing vessels can easily make injuries worse.

A range of threats

Even if the public does not truly understand your risk, operators and owners of fishing boats should. They should do their best to train their crews, hire competent people, outfit ships appropriately and establish policies that prioritize safety. They should not be sending you out into bad weather in poorly repaired vessels.

If you get an injury on a fishing vessel, you are probably protected by a specific set of laws. These could apply to you in a variety of circumstances.

It is usually a good idea to get the facts before you agree to accept any type of payment. Simply seeking information privately should never risk your job, your residential status or any other factor.

Unfortunately, the companies that are most negligent in their safety practices are often the most aggressive adversaries in injury claims. Your well-being is not a line item on their balance sheets. It is your life, your livelihood and your future.