Is all speeding dangerous?
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Is all speeding dangerous?

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2021 | Personal Injury

If you were to ask, most drivers would admit to speeding at one time or another. Many would admit to regularly going five miles over the posted speed limit. For most drivers, going slightly over the posted speed limit is no big deal, and they believe that everyone does it.

There is a problem with this type of thinking. According to AAA, even going a small bit over the speed limit increases the severity of injuries in an accident.

Studies show

Studies show that a slight increase of the speed limit, such as five miles per hour, can greatly increase the severity of injuries you may sustain in an auto accident. It is a known fact that higher speeds increase accident severity, but many people believe this only applies to extreme speeding situations.

In addition, most drivers feel that with advanced safety devices and features in today’s vehicles they are safer than ever, so if they do have an accident, they will likely not suffer severe injuries. The truth is that studies show engineers design the safety features on vehicles to perform at set speed limits, which means you could drive too fast for them to function.

Speed limits increase

Increasing the speed limit is a common response to traffic congestion. However, it only makes roadways more dangerous. Not only does the increased speed pose a risk but studies have shown that people will always exceed posted limits. So, it pushed the speed drivers are actually traveling even higher.

The lesson

The lesson here is that you should stick with the posted speed limit. Officials set these speeds after much research and study to ensure they are the safest. Going even slightly faster than the set limit increases your chances of severe injuries or even death if are involved in an accident.