What is a certified admiralty attorney?
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What is a certified admiralty attorney?

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2021 | Firm News

Maritime or admiralty law can be rather complex due to the nature of how laws work on waterways. Not every attorney will be able to handle such cases.

In California, lawyers have the option of seeking certification through the State Bar in this area of law. Doing so will allow them to use the certified admiralty attorney designation.


Getting the designation requires an attorney to pass an examination focused on admiralty law. The professionals must also show they have experience in the field at a high level and be respected within the field with good peer evaluations. Lastly, to maintain the certification, a lawyer must meet continuing education requirements.


Not every attorney will qualify for this specialty. Attorneys seeking it need to have practiced in the area at least 25% of the last three years and hold a California license to practice law in the state.  He or she must then register for the exam, complete the testing and provide any other required information.


Only attorneys who have earned the designation may use it. Using the certified label without actually achieving it is illegal and could lead to the attorney facing licensing issues. All certification must go through the California Board of Legal Specialization or an organization with the approval of the State Bar.

If a person has an admiralty law case, it is advantageous for him or her to seek out a certified admiralty attorney in the state. Doing so can help ensure the case receives the proper attention and benefits from essential legal knowledge in this field.