What are some general duties of an insurance company?
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What are some general duties of an insurance company?

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2021 | Uncategorized

You should not have to worry about how you will pay for damages to your house, your car or any property that your insurance policy covers. Your insurer owes you some duties when you file a claim for coverage. A failure to carry out these duties could constitute an act of bad faith.

Chron.com describes some crucial duties your insurer owes you as you seek coverage for your damages. A failure to conduct one or more of these duties may be a sign that your insurer does not want to honor its coverage obligations.

Provide you with information

You have done your part if you have kept your insurance papers secure and have read them over to understand your rights. Your insurance company should do its part and give you any information that you do not have so you may safeguard your claim. Your insurer should not omit details like filing deadlines that you need to know so you can continue your claim.

Conduct a complete investigation

If a claims adjuster takes a look at your damaged property, keep an eye out for any sign that the adjuster is not being thorough. Some insurance companies try to avoid paying a claim by just investigating areas that either support the insurer’s position or cast doubt on the policy holder’s claim. A responsible insurer should completely investigate your claim and not avoid facts that bolster your case.

Offer timely responses

Your insurer owes you responses to your communications. If you send an email, you should get a reply. If you call your insurer, someone should speak to you. If you set up an appointment on the phone or in person, your insurer should honor the appointment. Unfortunately, some insurance companies stonewall their clients by delaying their responses or not replying at all.

Pay your claim

In the event you have proven your claim, your insurer must honor your policy with the coverage you deserve. Pay close attention to payment terms on your policy such as dates or descriptions of when your insurer should cover you. Your insurer may engage in bad faith by stretching out your payment beyond the contracted limit or by just refusing to pay you at all.

There may be other duties related to your specific policy that your insurer must carry out. In the event you suspect your insurer is not treating you properly, you may explore your legal options to see if you have a case against your insurance company.