What are surgical options to treat a hip fracture?
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What are surgical options to treat a hip fracture?

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2021 | Firm News

You tripped and fell on another’s property recently and landed on your hip. A doctor diagnosed you with a hip fracture, and you want to recover as quickly as possible.

Explore hip fracture surgical options from Mayo Clinic. While you may have a premises liability case, you know you have an injury to treat and rights to protect.

Deciding surgery type

The surgery your medical team recommends depends on the fracture’s severity and location. The decision also depends on whether you have displaced bones, your current health and your age.

Total hip replacement

During a total hip replacement, doctors replace your pelvic bone socket and upper femur with artificial parts. According to research, total hip replacements offer a cost-effective treatment option, and they provide improved long-term results.

Your physician may recommend total or partial hip replacement if you damaged the ball part of your hip joint’s blood supply. Common in older adults and those with femoral neck fractures, damaged hip joints have a low chance of healing properly.

Partial hip replacement

A medical examination may reveal that you damaged or displaced the ends of your fracture. If so, your doctor could recommend removing the femur’s neck and head and using a metal replacement. The treatment could offer a favorable outcome if you have cognitive impairment or other medical conditions.

Internal repair with screws

Surgeons place metal screws inside the bone to fuse it as it heals. Occasionally, doctors attach screws to a metal plate attached to the femur.

You have several options to treat your hip fracture, and you have a lot to think about for building your case. Work with an experienced doctor to understand how much to seek in compensation.