What are some common signs of brain trauma?
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What are some common signs of brain trauma?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2022 | Personal Injury

While some physical injuries may be easy to notice, a brain injury may not seem obvious at first.

In the days or weeks following a blow to the head, which can happen when stepping out of a boat or a vehicle, you may begin to notice signs that you experienced brain trauma. Learning about how to spot those signs can help you.

Disconnected speech

According to the Mayo Clinic, you can experience a variety of communication problems, such as struggling to organize your thoughts or follow a fast conversation. Other people around you may notice this issue before you do.

The ability to speak in clear sentences and remember what you said previously in a conversation can also diminish as time goes on. These symptoms may not be as obvious at first, like only forgetting a few times a week, and you may not notice them until they get more serious.

Sensory trouble

Being able to rely on your senses, such as taste and touch, for information is important. If you notice an odd taste in your mouth or uncomfortable tingling on your skin, then you may be dealing with brain trauma.

These problems can range from a persistent ringing in your ears to a total loss of smell. You may struggle to eat or fall asleep like before, since these symptoms can leave you continually confused and agitated.

Balance problems

Falling over or losing your balance more frequently after hitting your head can interrupt your work and daily life. You may experience problems with tiredness or dizziness in the time after an accident. Learning about these brain trauma signs and more can help you decide what to do next.