What injuries can result from slipping on a wet floor?
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What injuries can result from slipping on a wet floor?

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2022 | Personal Injury

Slip injuries can happen any time a person walks on a slick surface. This can include frozen surfaces like outdoor parking lots, or even freshly-mopped floors which one can find in any store that requires mopping.

Due to their commonality, some might falsely think of slip injuries as unimportant or even benign. However, a big fall can have major health impacts on a victim for years to come.

Damage to the spine and back

Many injuries from slip-and-fall incidents involve spinal damage or back damage in general. Individuals may tear muscles or create strain in the back. They could also potentially cause fractures along the spinal column or even nerve damage that may lead to pain or paralysis. Back injuries also take a long time to heal from, requiring many victims to sit out of work.

Of course, other bones can also suffer. Victims often break or fracture their hips during slip-and-fall incidents, which can lead to major mobility problems, especially in older individuals.

Damage to the head and brain

Of course, if a victim falls backward, they can also hit their head quite hard against solid ground. This may cause fractures in the skull, and will likely also result in a traumatic brain injury. These injuries – TBIs – can have profound and lifelong effects. Victims may suffer from head pain, memory loss, personality and behavioral changes, and trouble with basic daily functioning.

Because of the severity of these potential impacts, victims often seek financial compensation after slipping and falling in a public space. This especially applies to situations in which a slick floor did not have the proper warning.