California ranks 3rd in the nation for road rage
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California ranks 3rd in the nation for road rage

On Behalf of | May 10, 2022 | Personal Injury

Aggressive driving plays a role in more than half of all traffic crashes that take place across California and the nation, and road rage has a hand in more than half of all car wrecks that result in at least one fatality. California sees more incidents of road rage than most other states. This raises questions about what elected officials might do to better protect residents and visitors who travel state roads.

According to Bankrate, California currently ranks third in the United States as far as the number of road rage incidents involving firearms that occur statewide. Between 2014 and 2016, there were 82 road rage-related car crashes where the offending driver furnished a firearm.

Road rage statistics

Almost 80% of American motorists report that they exhibited aggressive behavior behind the wheel within the last month. This remains true despite the fact that most drivers acknowledge that aggressive driving is dangerous. In a recent seven-year span, road rage played a role in 218 murders across the nation. It also resulted in 12,610 injuries.

Road rage behaviors

Road rage manifests in many ways, but some acts of road rage are more common than others. Tailgating is a common way motorists show aggression behind the wheel. Yelling, honking the horn or making rude or obscene gestures are also common road rage behaviors. Some motorists also exhibit road rage by cutting off other drivers, preventing them from changing lanes or bumping them from behind, among other examples.

Drivers who exhibit rage or aggression behind the wheel and cause crashes may face legal and other possible repercussions.