How can a property owner make a parking lot safer?
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How can a property owner make a parking lot safer?

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2022 | Personal Injury

Slipping or tripping can be dangerous. Some fall victims experience a head injury that results in a lengthy hospital stay, permanent disability and in some cases even death. This may happen in just about any public place, but a parking lot is a place to exercise special caution.

Insurance Journal explains that a parking lot is one of the most likely locations for people to suffer a slip and fall. Fortunately, some property owners implement measures on their lots to help prevent falls. Here is a look at three ways lot owners may reduce fall risks.

Highlighting elevated areas

Walkways and parking lots have places where the ground ascends or descends. If you are not expecting changes in elevation, you could easily suffer a trip and tumble. Lot owners can bring attention to elevation changes by adding bright or contrasting colors on the ground. This could be particularly important for people who have poor eyesight.

The use of light posts

You might see light posts in a lot during the day and feel confident that the area will receive illumination if you return in the evening hours. Still, a malfunctioning lamp post might not turn on when needed. Since parking lots can become more hazardous at night without light, property owners should make sure triggering sensors in their lights are in working order.

Installing mounted cameras

Property owners who install video cameras over their lots can maintain surveillance over the lot and act accordingly if there is a problem. It is good to know if a lot or any public location you visit has a camera fixed on it. In the event you suffer a fall, the camera may record your injury.

Being aware of your environment could help you stay safe. Still, keep in mind that property owners have their duties of care to you and may be responsible for not using common sense safety procedures to keep a fall from happening.