How can spinal cord problems sneak up on someone after an injury?
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How can spinal cord problems sneak up on someone after an injury?

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2023 | Personal Injury

After getting hurt, most people pay attention to obvious injuries, but spinal cord injuries are a sneakier threat that often goes unnoticed. The spine is a delicate structure that can suffer from trauma.

Whether it is a fall, a sports injury or a car crash, the spine can quietly bear the impact, setting the stage for future complications.

Warning signs

Recognizing subtle signs of potential spinal cord problems for early intervention is important. If you are experiencing persistent back pain, especially with tingling, numbness or weakness, it could indicate nerve or spinal cord issues. Ignoring these signs might allow the problem to worsen, possibly leading to irreversible damage.

Alertness post-injury

After an injury, it is important to stay vigilant about your health. Even small incidents can have big consequences for the spine, so being proactive in post-injury care is important.

Regular check-ups and medical imaging can reveal hidden spinal issues. This allows for early intervention and prevents potential problems from getting worse.

Long-lasting impact

Traumatic events, like accidents or falls, can leave a lasting impact on the spine. Even if you feel mostly normal after an injury, the damage to the spinal cord might not become apparent until later. Seeking prompt medical assessment after an injury can help people understand the extent of trauma and take necessary steps to address potential spinal cord problems.

17,700 new Americans struggle with a spinal cord injury every year. The spine might quietly harbor issues that can surprise you later on. By staying aware, individuals can navigate the hidden dangers of spinal cord problems and work towards a healthier future.